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Music from John Daly Project Official Site - Musician John Daly Recording Artist John Daly Musician Singer Songwriter MP3 Music Downloads Free MP3s


(Above) A Short Film

Short Concept Trailer for "Wicca Vendetta" from John Daly on Vimeo.

Black Sky, Black Soul from John Daly on Vimeo.

The Elevator (Concept Video) from John Daly on Vimeo.


Belief from John Daly on Vimeo. Concept video for an original film.

Hecatoncheires from John Daly on Vimeo. Film Soundtrack example.

The Oasis from John Daly on Vimeo.

A song about all the sleazebag companies in the biz! (Demo)

 (Demo) Alcohol destroys lifes. Based on my father John E Daly, and the effects his problem had on our family. This video is being shown on the show Zip Talk on Verizon 30,

Brightouse 950, Comcast 20 > actual broadcast:

This song was written when Iraq was invaded and corresponds to that event, but certainly is meant to apply to all areas of war.                                                                  
Like a Drumma' Chile. A New Song (Demo)

A Performance at the Original Rock showcase held by Venture1 Entertainment and Quaker Steak & Lube in Clearwater, FL.

Lots of people hold their problems in. This song is about letting them out. And when you do let them out, let them out like you mean it. Straight from the Heart/Soul. 


Same old Story (Just a different day). Got the blues? Is it the same old story day after day? Putting up with the same shi#%*? Well this song is about just that.

"On th Run" From the Johnny's Quest 2 CD-Performed at Venture1 Studio's Showcase 2009

 This song is in memory of not only the recent death of one of the most talented entertainers of our time,

but to all those who have flown to the top with speed and desire only to find their trip tragically ended from  “Wings of Fire”

An Unplugged version of "Wings of Fire"

Basically, Unemployment sucks! 2009 is probably the best year for this song to come out.

Starting Over. Taking a different path in life, whether it be changing location, relation or the same old routine. 

Meagan will cure your problems with one of her concoctions. You won't remember anything after drinking one of this bartender's drinks, guaranteed!!   

Led Zeppelin's: The Immigrant song, takin from March 15th 2008

A sound check clip from a Gig in Hudson FL. Covers and Originals were performed. 

This song is about all the Walgreens, CVS's and Condos going up around Florida (and beyond).

Most gas stations are being replaced by the CVS and Walgreens. Condos are blocking the shorelines of what once was a spectacular view.


This song: (Can't Have) is from a showcase at Gasoline Alley in Clearwater FL. a few Years back.


This video/Song: (Lost at Sea) is also from the showcase a few years back at Gasoline Alley in Clearwater, FL.

Clips of a Showcase at The StateTheatre in St. Petersburg, FL. a few years back. Also a tribute to the late Les Talent on bass.

South Florida Radio & TV Show interview. This interview was recorded after the second CD titled: Johnny's Quest 2 (The John Daly Project).

John was interviewed shortly after Jimmy Page (Of Led Zeppelin).  

More videos can be found @

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